Zub Castle
Zub Castle - Aerial
Zub Castle from above.
Zombie chance: 20%
Zombie count: 0 - 2
Loot chance: 20%
Loot spawns: 12

Zub Castle (Cyrillic: зуб) is a small castle ruin in Chernarus that is just to the south of the town Vyshnoye. The castle is located at grid coordinates 065 097.

Zub Castle has a high yield Military and two low yield Residential loot spawns. There are a couple more Residential spawns and a Water Pump to the east of the castle. Some of the loot that may spawn at the tower includes:[1]

While the old ruins gives some cover, it also attracts a lot of players. Overall the risk/reward-level of Zub Castle is superior - especially since it is in close proximity to the large town of Mogilevka.

Zub Castle as no roads leading to it, but there is a dirt track nearby and a road that leads to Vyshnoye.


  • The Russian to English translation of зуб is 'tooth.'

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