Wood pile
Wood Pile
The Wood Pile found in DayZ
Slot: Main inventory
Req. Slots: 2
"A small pile of freshly chopped wood that can be used for making a fireplace and various other things."
— In-game description

The Wood Pile is a pile of wood that has been harvested from a tree within a forested area of the map. 

The Wood Pile takes up two inventory slots, both in the main inventory and the backpack. It can be found as loot in Farm areas, such as barns and stables. 

A Wood Pile and a Box of Matches is required to create a Fireplace. The primary use of the Wood Pile is as an ignition source for a Fireplace. A Wood Pile can sustain a fire for approximately ten minutes. 

A Hatchet is required to gather wood from a tree within a forested area of the map; these areas appear green on the Map

The player does not need to have a Wood Pile on their person at all times. Instead, the player should have a Hatchet and at least two inventory spaces to collect wood when they require it.

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