The watch found in DayZ.
Slot: Tool
Required slots: 1 tool slot
Purpose: Shows server time
Rarity: 2.17%3.03%
Location(s): Residential, supermarkets
and some low-yield military

The watch is a tool used for determining the time in the game server in DayZ.

A watch shows the current time, and is useful for gauging how much time is left before sunrise, sunset or server restart. Press "Watch" (Default: O) to bring up the watch, or double tap "Watch (Toggle)" (Default: 2x O) to fix it on the screen.

The watch is a common equipment spawn that has a 2.17% chance of spawning in Residential loot spawns and a 3.03% chance of spawning in supermarkets.[1] The spawn chances are equal to 217 out of 10,000 and 303 out of 10,000.

The player can find north in DayZ just as they would in real life. The watch can be used to find north while the sun is visible (at night simply use the stars). To do this, line up the hour handle with the sun. The direction halfway between the twelfth hour on the clock and the hour handle is south, taking the smaller angle. North is the opposite direction obviously, the larger angle between hour handle and twelfth hour direction. In the southern hemisphere this would be reversed. The nearer the player is to the equator the less easy this method becomes as theoretically the sun may travel directly above you. Then the player can only gauge west or east depending if it is before or after midday.

When playing with others, it is possible for the player's game time to not be correct. A watch can help identify if the player's time is out of sync: if the time on the player's watch does not match the time other players have, someone is desynchronized. It can be fixed by reconnecting to the server. Usually this does not matter, but sometimes it can be daytime for some players, but night for others.


  • The glow from the watch at night would likely be from a radioactive substance embedded in the watch. The decaying substance - most likely tritium - emits a green glow.

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