Vyshnoye Aerial-Southeast DayZ-Wiki

Vyshnoye viewed from the north-west.

Vyshnoye (Cyrillic: Вышное) is village in Chernarus that is north-west of Mogilevka, north of Zub Castle and due far south of Stary Sobor and Novy Sobor.

The town is populated with low yield Residential loot spawns and is not an ideal location to raid. The town is primarily used as a waypoint, as Zub Castle is directly south. Zub Castle is known for its decent chance of spawning weapons. A medium yield Farm spawn is at the north-west side of the town.

A road exits south of the village and heads to the town of Mogilevka. Two roads head north and north-west of the town and transition into a dirt track and dirt road that eventually connects to, or near Stary Sobor.

Buildings of interestEdit

  • A medium yield Farm spawn to the north-west side of the town.
  • A Water Pump near the center of the village.
  • A Fuel Tank and medium value Farm loot spawn on the north side of the village.
  • Zub Castle and another Water Pump are located to the south.
  • A Deer Stand to the north at Pop Ivan Hill.