Stary Sobor

Stary Sobor viewed from the south.

Stary Sobor (Cyrillic: СТАРЫЙ СОБОР) is the largest town in the center of Chernarus. It is west of Novy Sobor, south-east of Kabanino and north of Vyshnoye.

The central location and the close proximity to the North West Airfield makes this city quite popular among both Survivors and Bandits. Central in the popular Kabanino---Stary Sobor---Novy Sobor line. 

Places of interestEdit

  • A Supermarket and Water Pump in the center, north of the intersection.
  • One medium value Residential loot building in the center, south of the intersection.
  • A Water Pump near dirt trail intersection.
  • A large barn and Fuel Pump on the north-east side, south of the military tents.
  • A medium value Industrial spawn near the large hanger shed on the eastern side.
  • Military tents on the north-east side.


The main attraction of this town and also what makes it most dangerous is the many military tents on the north side of town. These tents spawn military grade loot. This makes the area extremely dangerous because bandits and snipers with military weapons will usually be waiting around the town in order to farm these tents. This town has one of the highest concentrations of military loot in the game. Other hotspots for military loot are the three Airfields, the four military tents in Berezino, and the fire stations in Elektrozavodsk (two) and Chernogorsk

If the player is after the supermarket, it would be wise to approach the town from the southwest. This will make it easier to get in and out without too much zombie resistance. Approach from the northeast under cover of the trees if it is the military tents the player is after. 

Be careful entering the tents from the eastern side of the town, as a vast majority of players enter from that same direction, it is best to come directly north, where the player may stumble across some bandits, or from the southwest or northwest, where not many players watch. 


  • The Russian to English translation of СТАРЫЙ СОБОР is 'Old Cathedral.'

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