Satchel Charge
Satchel Charge
The Satchel Charge found in DayZ.
Slot Main inventory
Required slots 2
Locations found Military Barracks only.
Rarity Very rare
— In-game description

A Satchel Charge is a extremely destructive explosive that can destroy almost any structure and is found as Military loot in DayZ.

Satchel Charges can be disarmed and picked up by any player. They have a remote detonation range of about 300 meters. Once a Satchel Charge is placed, it can be detonated remotely or within a set time of 30 seconds that can be stacked for a longer time limit.

Players can use Satchel Charges to destroy buildings with interiors such as Churches or Supermarkets, thereby depriving other players of loot until a server restart resets the buildings.

Satchel Charges are very rare explosives that have a 0.45% chance of spawning only in the Military Barracks at the Northwest Airfield.[1] The spawn chance is equal to 9 out of 2,000.

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