The Sandbags found in DayZ.
Slot: Main inventory
Required slots: 1
Purpose: • Create sandbag wall
or stash
Rarity: 2.09%, 20%
Location(s): Military
"Sacks made of hessian that can be filled with sand or soil and are used for military fortification."
— In-game description

Sandbags are a type of construction item used for building sandbag walls or stashes in DayZ.

Sandbags can be used to make sandbag barriers or stashes. To construct a sandbag barrier, the player will need the etool to place the sandbags. Right-click on the sandbags to create a sandbag wall or right-click on the etool to create a small stash. Having two sandbags in the inventory will create a medium stash. As with every other item in the game, they cannot be used when stored in a backpack.

Sandbags occupy one main inventory slot each. They are a fairly uncommon construction item that have a 2.09% chance of spawning in military loot spawns, except hangars which have a 20% chance. They do not spawn in barracks, castles or deer stands.[1]

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