SVD Camo
SVD Camo
The SVD Camo found in DayZ
Damage: 8000 Blood
Raw Damage: 12
Audible Range: 180m
Effective Range: 1200m
Rounds: 10
Fire Modes: Single
Slot: Primary
Magazines: SVD Dragunov Mag.
"Sharpshooter rifle
Caliber: 7.62x54mmR
— In-game description

The SVD Camo is a camouflaged semi-automatic sniper rifle that uses ten 7.62×54mmR cartridges in an SVD Dragunov Mag. in DayZ.

The SVD is a classic Russian designated marksman rifle. Accurate, reliable and with a high rate of fire, the SVD is chambered in 7.62×54mmR.

It has a unique rangefinder built-in to the optic (not a mil-dot system), which when used in conjunction with the reticle's hold-over lines makes it one of the best rifles for accurately and quickly engaging targets at range, but requires practice to master.

The middle chevron (along the horizontal line; not the big chevron) of the scope is accurate up to 200m with some bullet rise at 100m. The following chevrons are accurate at 375m, 600m, 825m and 1075m.

This version comes equipped with a ghillie webbing, camouflaging the rifle and breaking up its contour. Coupled with the Ghillie Suit, it makes the operator extremely hard to see in foliage and tall grass. The camouflage is most effective when the operator is in the shadows.


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