Remington 870 (Flashlight)
Remington 870 (Flashlight)
The Remington 870 (Flashlight) found in DayZ.
Damage: 4500, 2000 Blood
Raw Damage: 9, 6
Effective Range: 250m, 40m
Rounds: 8
Fire Modes: Single
Slot: Primary weapon
Magazines: 8Rnd. Slugs, 8Rnd. Pellets
"The Remington Model 870 is a pump-action shotgun. This rifle has a torch attached."
— In-game description

The Remington 870 (Flashlight) is a pump-action shotgun found in DayZ.


Interestingly enough, the in-game model features the old-type Wingmaster pump, but the stock is the new Express type.

The Remington 870 (Flashlight) is an uncommon shotgun that has a 2.62% chance of spawning in Military loot piles and a 2.71% chance of spawning in Military Barracks.[1] The spawn chances are equal to 131 out of 5,000 and 271 out of 10,000, respectively.

Real lifeEdit

The Remington 870 is a U.S.-made pump action shotgun manufactured by Remington. It has a slow rate of fire and only has a bead sight, making slugs ineffective at range because of low accuracy. It is equipped with a flashlight.

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  • It is stated as a rifle in the description even though it is a shotgun.


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