The Rangefinder found in DayZ

Slot: Tool

The Rangefinder is a specialized device used to measure distance in DayZ.

A Rangefinder is a device used to measure the distance from the observer to a target. A Rangefinder may use radar, sonar or lasers to measure distance.

The Rangefinder is rare equipment that has a 0.41% chance of spawning only in Military Barracks.

It takes up the slot of the Binoculars, thereby replacing them.

The Rangefinder is the most valuable type of optics in the game, combining Binoculars with NV Goggles.

  • The Rangefinder has a Night Vision mode implemented in it which is activated by the 'N' key by default.

Range Finder Preview

What is seen when looking through a Rangefinder.

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