The Painkillers found in DayZ
Slot: Main inventory
"A moderate painkiller suitable for regular use of relief of pain and inflamation caused by moderate wounds."
— In-game description

Painkillers are medical loot consumables that cure the Pain effect in DayZ.

Painkillers cure the Pain effect caused by moderate wounds which thereby stops the shaking seen when aiming in first person view.

Painkillers can be commonly found in residential loot piles as well as medical boxes at hospitals and crashed helicopters. 

Painkillers may be used on another player to cure their pain directly through the use of the action menu. Upon administering Painkillers, the player will gain twenty humanity points. 

It is recommended that the player has at least two Painkillers in their inventory or backpack at any given time, especially if the player frequently uses first person view.

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