Oil Barrel

An Oil Barrel on Fire. Bottom half is glitched through the floor.

An Oil Barrel is an environmental object found throughout Chernarus that can be used to create a small fire in DayZ.

An Oil Barrel can be lit on fire by selecting the "Put on Fire" command when a player is close enough. The fire can also be put out once lit by selecting the "Put out Fire" command.

The player does not need a Box of Matches in their inventory to light an Oil Barrel. This makes the Oil Barrel an effective means of cooking for survivors without the need to create a Fireplace. However, as Oil Barrels are generally only found in popular areas such as major cities like Elektrozavodsk it can be dangerous to enter these areas to cook meat.

Oil Barrel usesEdit

  • The Oil Barrel emits light at a radius of approximately 5-10 meters when alight.
  • It can be used to cook raw meat or boil water (needs Empty Tin Can/Empty Soda Can and full Water Bottle) when lit.
  • Can be used as a source of increasing body Temperature. It will warm up nearby players.
  • Can be used to attract the attention of players or zombies when lit.

Current known locations in ChernarusEdit

Oil Barrels have been identified with a couple of different building types, including General Military and Industrial locations. They can also be found in large cities such as Chernogorsk.

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