Novy Sobor

Novy Sobor viewed from the east.

Novy Sobor (Cyrillic: Новый Собор) is an inland town in Chernarus that is due east of Stary Sobor and far north-west of Guglovo.

Novy Sobor, like many towns, has a Water Pump and a Church.

Novy Sobor is an area somewhat frequented by bandits, due to its proximity to the more loot-bearing Stary Sobor.

The 1.7.7 update has added several more loot spawns to Novy Sobor and to the rest of Chernarus.

Places of interestEdit

  • A Barn with large Farm loot spawn at the south of the town.
  • Stables, Fuel Tank other Farm and Industrial spawns on the west side.
  • A Water Pump, church and large civilian building in the town centre.
  • A Deer Stand to the north, west of the intersection north of the town.


  • The Russian to English translation of Новый Собор is 'new Cathedral.'