NV Goggles

NV Goggles
The NV Goggles found in DayZ

Slot: Optics

NV Goggles, or Night Vision Goggles, are specialized Equipment for enhancing vision in low-light or at night in DayZ.

Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) are specialized equipment that allows the user to see clearly in low levels of light. They intensify already available light, such as the moon. The screen is colored green because humans can differentiate shades of green more easily than other phosphor colors.

NV Goggles take up a binoculars' slot in the inventory, but the player can also have Binoculars or a Rangerfinder and NV Goggles at one time.

NV Goggles can also be used at night to penetrate heavy rain. For some reason, heavy downpour does not show up when wearing NVGs, allowing the player to see even farther.

NV Goggles are often regarded as one of the most valuable and rarest pieces of equipment in the game. They can only be found in Black MH-6J Little Birds, Helicopter Crash Sites and very rarely on the pilot zombies that spawn near the crash site.

Note: Version 1.7.7 and higher may no longer contain NV Goggle spawns.

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