Morphine auto-injector
The Morphine Auto-Injector found in DayZ
Slot: Main inventory
"Morphine Autoinjector. Used for intramuscular injection to manage severe pain such as those from fractures."
— In-game description

The Morphine Auto-Injector is a medical item used to "heal" broken bones in DayZ.

The Morphine Auto-Injector is the only method for mending broken bones. The player can break a bone from a zombie attack, high powered gunshots, falling from a height or closing a door on themselves.

To use the injector, first open the inventory with the 'G' key. Right click the auto-injector and press the dialog to take the morphine. The player's character will perform an animation for about ten seconds, do not interrupt this animation otherwise it will have to start again.

Once the broken bone icon is removed the process is complete and the player will be able to run again. It is suggested to always have one of these in the main inventory because having a broken bone without one will usually result in death or a long crawl to the nearest Hospital.

The Morphine Auto-Injector is a rare medical item that has a 0.98% chance of spawning in Residential, Industrial, Farm and Military loot piles, including Churches, Supermarkets and Deer Stands. It has a 19.05% chance of spawning in Hospitals. The spawn chances are equal to 49 out of 5 000 and 381 out of 2 000, respectively.


  • Although morphine is in reality a very strong painkiller, in DayZ it has no effect on Pain.

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