The M9 found in DayZ.
Damage: 889 Blood
Raw Damage: 4
Effective Range: 75m
Rounds: 15
Fire Modes: Single
Slot: Sidearm weapon
Magazines: M9 Mag.
"Semi-automatic pistol
Caliber: 9x19mm
— In-game description

The M9 is a Military sidearm that takes fifteen 9×19mm cartridges in an M9 Mag. in DayZ.

The M9 has an all-black finish, no attachments and non-adjustable iron sights.

The M9's cartridges deliver moderately-low damage of 889 blood and produce a small amount of recoil. The audible range to zombies is up to 52.8 meters from the shooter's position. The effective range of the M9 is up to 75 meters.

The M9 can kill a player in up to four shots to the body, or one shot to the head, as with all weapons and ammunition in DayZ. The M9 can kill a zombie in up to four shots to the body.

The M9 is a rare sidearm that has a 2.62% chance of spawning in Military loot spawns, excluding Barracks and Deer Stands.[1] The spawn chance is equal to 131 out of 5,000.

Although considerably weaker than the M1911 and Revolver, the M9 has a significantly larger magazine capacity, making it one of the best sidearms for raiding cities and small towns. The M9 will take up five slots in a backpack, as do all sidearms.

The M9's biggest disadvantages are that its magazines are rare - 1.45% chance of spawning in Military loot including Barracks, but not Deer Stands[2] - and the M9 cannot take other magazines.

Real lifeEdit

The M9's real life counterpart is the Beretta M9 - a semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta in Italy. The Beretta M9 fires 9×19mm Parabellum cartridges, has a fifteen round capacity magazine and has been in service with the United States Armed Forces since 1985.[3]


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