M4A1 Holo
M4A1 Holo
The M4A1 Holo found in DayZ
Damage: 3555 Blood
Raw Damage: 8
Audible Range: 80m
Effective Range: 300m
Rounds: 30
Fire Modes: Single, Full Auto
Slot: Primary
Magazines: 30Rnd. STANAG
"Assault rifle with grenade launcher
Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
— In-game description

The M4A1 is the carbine version of the M16A2, with an adjustable stock and fully automatic firing instead of 3-round burst. Since the M4A1 is much shorter than the M16A2, it is better in close quarters combat. This variant is painted with woodland camouflage and is equipped with an EoTech holographic optical sight and an M203 grenade launcher. Due to the holographic sight and the lack of a proper leaf sight, long range targeting becomes more difficult. M203 grenades must be fired by "feeling", that is, guessing ranges and following up shots through trial and error.

When loaded with STANAG SD Mag the holographic sight is not accurate, so shots fired go higher than the sight shows up to the zero of the rifle (200m). The reason for this lies in the slower movement of the subsonic rounds and the fact that the rifle is "instantly re-zeroed" for 200m.

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