The M240 found in DayZ
Damage: 8000 Blood
Raw Damage: 12
Audible Range: 180m
Effective Range: 400m
Rounds: 100
Fire Modes: Full Auto
Slot: Primary
Magazines: 100Rnd. M240
"Medium Machine Gun
Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO
— In-game description

The M240 is a belt fed machine gun, only able to accept 100Rnd. M240 mag as its ammunition. The M240 only spawns in the northwest airfield barracks, making it less common than its variant, the Mk 48 Mod 0. They are also found mounted on the sides of intact UH-1H Hueys, though they cannot be removed. Unlike the Mk 48 Mod 0, the M240 has iron sights instead of an Aimpoint sight. However, the M240 boasts a higher rate of fire than the Mk 48 Mod 0.

Like the M249 SAW and the Mk 48 Mod 0, the M240 can be seen as a large magazine assault rifle, sharing stats with the other 7.62 weapons in the game, holding 100 rounds where two standard magazines would only hold 60. Because it fires a more powerful round, it is also very loud.


Firing-Single-Shot Weapon-Sounds-Icon DayZ-Wiki Firing single shot
Firing-Full-Auto Weapon-Sounds-Icon DayZ-Wiki Firing full auto
Reload Weapon-Sounds-Icon DayZ-Wiki Reloading

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