The M16A4 ACOG found in DayZ.
Damage: 3555
Raw Damage: 8
Effective Range: 600m
Rounds: 30
Fire Modes: Single, burst
Slot: Primary weapon
Magazines: 30Rnd. STANAG
"Assault rifle
Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
— In-game description

The M16A4 ACOG is an assault rifle that takes thirty 5.56×45mm cartridges in a 30Rnd. STANAG or 30Rnd. STANAG SD magazine in DayZ.

The M16A4 ACOG's 5.56mm cartridges deal moderate damage of 3555 blood, have moderate-low recoil, and when firing, have an audible range of up to 80 meters from the shooter's position. The effective range of the M16A4 ACOG is a staggering 600 meters.

The M16A4 ACOG can kill a player in up to three shots to the body or one shot to the head, as with all weapons and ammunition in DayZ. The M16A4 ACOG can kill a zombie in up to two shots.

The M16A4 ACOG is a rare assault rifle that has a 2.26% chance of spawning only in Military Barracks.[1] The spawn chance is equal to 113 out of 5,000.

As the M16A4 ACOG uses 5.56mm cartridges in a 30Rnd. STANAG magazine, it has great versatility and quantity of ammunition available. After the 1.8 update, the M16A4 ACOG and other unsuppressed NATO weapons cannot fire 30Rnd. STANAG SD rounds and vice versa.

The M16A4 ACOG has an ACOG or Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight attachment and a standard black finish. The rifle occupies ten slots in a backpack, as do all primary weapons.

Real lifeEdit

The M16A4 ACOG is the fourth generation (A4) variant of the M16 rifle. The M16 is the United States military version of the Colt AR-15 rifle. The M16 is a selective fire assault rifle that fires 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges in a detachable magazine.[2]


Single fire
Burst fire

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