Kabanino viewed from the south.

Kabanino (Cyrillic: Кабанино) is a village in Chernarus that is north-west of Stary Sobor, east of Vybor and south of the Northwest Airfield.

Kabanino is trafficked by players because of its proximity to the Northwest Airfield and its neighbouring city Stary Sobor. It is the most western village of the popular Kabanino-Stary Sobor-Novy Sobor line. The name derives from "Boar" in Russian.

The village has a Church, a Water Pump, two Fuel Tanks and several loot spawns including Residential and Industrial, but mostly Farm. The main road that passes through the village leads south to Stary Sobor, north-west to Vybor and south to Dichina and Rogovo.

Places of interestEdit

Useful spots in or around Kabanino such as medium yield or higher loot spawns, special loot spawns such as Churches or useful objects like Water Pumps.

  • A Church on the south-west side of the village.
  • A Water Pump near the center of the village.
  • Three medium yield Farm loot spawns and a Fuel Tank at the center of the village.
  • A medium yield farm loot spawn to the east-north-east. It is just north-east of the pond.


  • The Russian to English translation of Кабанино is 'Kabanina.'

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