Hunting knife
Hunting Knife
The hunting knife found in DayZ.
Slot: Tool
Required slots: 1
Purpose: • To gut dead animals
Rarity: 1.21%1.96%3.14%
Location(s): Supermarkets • Industrial and
car wrecks • most Military
"A knife used during hunting for preparing the game to be used a food by cutting up the meat."
— In-game description

The hunting knife is an equipment item used to gut dead animals for raw meat in DayZ.

The purpose of the hunting knife is to gut dead animals so raw meat may be taken from them. The meat is either eaten raw or cooked to create cooked meat.

In order to create cooked meat, a player must create a fireplace, light the fire and cook the meat. Cooked fish is the best food in the game as it provides up to 2000 blood (Tuna being at 2,000) rather than 200 blood received from canned food, or 100 blood from trail mix or pistachios.

The hunting knife is an uncommon tool that has a 1.21% chance of spawning at supermarkets, a 1.96% chance of spawning at Industrial loot spawns and car wrecks, and a 3.14% chance of spawning at most Military loot spawns including fire stations.[1] The spawn chances are equal to 121 out of 10,000, 49 out of 2,500 and 157 out of 5,000.

The hunting knife does not use up usual inventory slots; instead it goes into the tool slots below the sidearm slots. However, it will use one inventory slot when stored in a backpack, vehicle, tent or stash.

The hunting knife may also become dull if used often but has a possibility of resharpening them to keep it's edge.

A common mistake for new players is believing the hunting knife to be a usable weapon from the tool slot like a hatchet, machete or crowbar as the hunting knife is not the case.

Real lifeEdit

The hunting knife is modeled after the SOG Seal Pup survival knife.[2]


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