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A Hospital in DayZ.

Hospitals are large buildings or tents that spawn medical supplies in DayZ.

Hospitals can be found in three cities in Chernarus: Chernogorsk 2 × Hospitals and 2 × medical tents, Elektrozavodsk, and Berezino, and near one town, Balota 4 × medical tents.[1]

The interior of the Hospital is blocked by glass windows. These can be broken to gain entry by shooting them or throwing objects like Empty Whiskey Bottles at them. The weakest windows are the two end windows.

Hospitals contain the following medical supplies:[1]

In addition to the four primary hospitals, two medical tents can be found near the eastern Hospital in Chernogorsk, with similar supplies but fewer loot piles. There are also four medical tents are the military camp near Balota, south of the airstrip.[1]


City Grid Coordinates Link to Map
Chernogorsk (North West) 064 126 Map New Window
Chernogorsk (East) 068 126 Map New Window
Elektrozavodsk 105 130 Map New Window
Berezino 119 062 Map New Window
Chernogorsk (2 × tents) 067 126 Map New Window
Balota (4 × tents) 048 131 Map New Window

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