Helicopter Crash Site

A Survivor poses next to a Helicopter Crash Site.

Helicopter Crash Sites can be found in various locations throughout Chernarus and are most commonly found on open fields or on hillsides. The locations of the crash sites vary for each server. These sites are excellent for looting as they contain some of the best weapons that you may find in the DayZ world.

Crash Sites can spawn extremely rare weapons that cannot be found anywhere else such as the FN FAL AN/PVS-4. The weapons that spawn here are often British and of high quality and the zombies that wander around it also usually carry around some minor military type items. Each crash site seems to have up to six loot piles.

Swaying the crosshairs around the ground is recommended, as tall grass or a slight slope may cause weapons to be hidden underground, but still lootable. The player could also move back 80 meters from the crash site, and on higher ground level and inspect the crash site using Binoculars as the grass disappears at a distance.

The following items are a complete list of all lootable items on the crash site, all information taken from the DayZ loot tables.

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