The Hatchet found in DayZ.
Damage: 8000 Blood
Raw Damage: 12
Slot: Primary, Tool
"A single-handed striking tool with a sharp blade used to cut and split wood."
— In-game description

The Hatchet is a tool and weapon in DayZ used to harvest Wood Piles from forest trees and as a melee weapon.

The Hatchet is treated as a primary weapon and as a tool. The player may use it as a tool in the tool slot for harvesting wood, or as a weapon in the primary weapon slot.

The Hatchet is a very common weapon/tool spawn that can be found in Farm and Industrial spawns like barns, stables and warehouses.

The Hatchet can also be stored in the Backpack by moving it into a tool slot and then transferring it into the Backpack. As the Hatchet is a tool, it uses one slot in the Backpack, unlike the ten used by primary weapons.

To use the Hatchet as a weapon, it must be moved into the primary weapon slot and then 'reloaded' with 100 000 'rounds.' It only needs to be 'reloaded' once, and can be moved back into the tool slot and then back to the primary weapon slot and 'reloaded' again to give a full 100 000 'rounds of ammo.'

As the ArmA II game engine was not designed to support melee weapons, reloading it is required. This also means that the Hatchet 'fires bullets' a very short distance; about one or two metres. It can be difficult to use effectively in first-person view; it is recommended that it is used in third-person view.

The Hatchet makes very little noise when swung and will not attract Zombies to the players position. As it is a melee weapon, the player must approach Zombies closely to be able to hit them. This can be dangerous, particularly against aggravated (Agro-ed) Zombies that are attacking the player. The best method is to approach Zombies silently from behind them and then attack.

The Hatchet deals heavy damage, enough to kill a Zombie in one or two hits. Players can receive broken bones from being hit with a Hatchet, and can be killed with only a few hits.

Harvesting woodEdit

The steps to harvesting wood using the Hatchet are:

  1. Move the Hatchet into the tool slot.
  2. Approach a tree within a forest area of the map. These areas appear green on the Map.
  3. Right click on the Hatchet and select the appropriate action.
  4. If done correctly, a Wood Pile should be added to the inventory.
  5. Repeat if necessary.


  • The programming of the ArmA II game engine means that melee weapons, like the Hatchet, need to be 'reloaded' and their background programming means they 'act' like firearms.

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