Flashlight (Military)

The Flashlight (Military) found in DayZ

Slot: Sidearm, Tool
"Military Red-light Battery-powered Flashlight
Batteries: 2 x D-size
— In-game description

The Flashlight (Military) is a flashlight that emits red shaded light in DayZ.

The Flashlight (Military), although much rarer than the starting Flashlight, emits seemingly less light. However the light that is produced is red (the same shade as that of a Red Chemlight) and is harder to notice through walls when used inside a building.

When staring directly into the flashlight beam, an eclipse-like circle appears instead of a ball of light. While this may help at longer distances, it is important to note that a close encounter with another player could potentially give the user's position away.

The Flashlight (Military) does not take the slot of the regular Flashlight and a player may carry both at once. However to use either Flashlight the player must equip it as their secondary weapon.

The Flashlight (Military) is an uncommon flashlight that has a 2.70% of spawning in Military loot spawns, excluding Deer Stands.

Note that the Flashlight (Military) can be extremely useful in night situations if players are in a city, as it is difficult to locate the source of the light and will not aggravate (aggro) zombies onto the player. This makes raiding a city at night less dangerous while still being able to see loot without drawing as much attention from zombies or players.

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