Double-barreled Shotgun
Double-barreled Shotgun
The Double-barreled Shotgun in DayZ.
Damage: 2000, 4500 Blood
Raw Damage: 6, 9
Effective Range: 40m, 250m
Rounds: 2
Fire Modes: Single
Slot: Primary
Magazines: 2Rnd. Pellets, 2Rnd. Slugs
"A double-barreled shotgun is a shotgun with two parallel barrels, allowing two shots to be fired in quick succession."
— In-game description

The Double-barreled Shotgun is a civilian shotgun that takes two 12 gauge pellets or slugs in DayZ.

The Double-barreled Shotgun's pellets deal moderate damage of 2000 blood, have moderate recoil, and when fired, have an audible range to zombies of up to 90 meters from the shooter's position. The effective range of this weapon with these rounds is up to 40 meters.

The slugs deal heavy damage of 4500 blood, have moderate recoil, have the same audible range, but have an effective range of 250 meters.

The Double-barreled Shotgun can kill a player in up to three shots to the body, or one shot if a projectile hits the head. It can kill a zombie in up to two shots to the body.

The Double-barreled Shotgun is an uncommon shotgun that has a 1.43% chance of spawning in Residential loot piles, a 0.70% chance of spawning in Farm loot and a 0.59% chance of spawning in Supermarkets. This is equal to 143 out of 10 000, 7 out of 1 000 and 59 out of 10 000, respectively.

The Double-barreled Shotgun accepts both 2Rnd. Slugs and 2Rnd. Pellets, but not 8Rnd. Slugs or 8Rnd. Pellets, but the latter two can be converted into the former rounds and vice versa.

The Double-barreled Shotgun occupies ten slots in a backpack, as does all primary weapons.

Real lifeEdit

The Double-barreled Shotgun is based on any generic double-barreled shotgun.

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