This page covers the mod version of DayZ. For the standalone, see Crowbar.
The Crowbar in DayZ.
Damage: 1389 Blood
Raw Damage: 5
Effective Range: 1m
Rounds: N/A
Fire Modes: N/A
Slot: Primary
Magazines: N/A
"A tool consisting of a metal bar with a single curved end and flattened points, often with a small fissure on one or both ends for"
— In-game description

The Crowbar is a melee weapon that can be found as loot in DayZ.

The Crowbar can be found in Residential loot spawns and is treated as a primary weapon.

As it is a blunt object it can take several strikes to kill a player or Zombie; the damage the Crowbar inflicts is comparable to that of the M1911's damage values. It may take a range from five to seven shots to kill a target, but a blow to the head will kill instantly.

The Crowbar can be fitted as a secondary main weapon and switched to without delay, like a flashlight can be fitted as a secondary quickswitch for pistols.

The Crowbar is also the quietest non-suppressed weapon in the game.

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