This page lists the consumable items found in vanilla DayZ version 1.8.

Consumables are items which disappear after use or have a limited lifetime. These include food, drinks, medical supplies and tactical consumables. Many are used simply by entering the gear menu (default: G), right-clicking on the desired item, and selecting the 'use' option.


Food provides nourishment to a hungry player. Additionally, it steadily raises the player's blood by various levels, depending on the food.


Food gutted from animals.



Canned foodEdit

Food in cans.

Other foodEdit

Dried, preserved, confectionery or other food.


Drinks quench the thirst of a player.


Can be refilled from a water source.

Single useEdit

Cannot be refilled.

Medical suppliesEdit

Medical supplies provide a cure to various status effects the player may be suffering.

Consumable lightingEdit

Consumable Lighting is used to temporarily aid the player in navigating at night or in low-light conditions, but has a limited lifespan. Permanent lighting is listed here.

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