Compound Crossbow
The Crossbow in DayZ
Magazine Size: 1 or 6
Ammo Type(s): Arrow 1 per slot.

Quiver 1 per slot.

Magazine Type(s): Arrow 1 round.

Quiver 6 rounds.

Damage: 3555 Blood
Fire Modes: Semi
Shots to kill:
  • Head: 1
  • Body: 4
  • Legs: 6
Effective Range: 30m
Rate of Fire: Slow
Recoil: No
Noise: None
Zeroing: No
  • Residential/Civilian
  • Farms
Rarity: Common
Attachments: None
Variants: None

The Crossbow is a projectile weapon that fires bolts.

The Crossbow is both silent and fairly accurate, but terrible iron sights and slow rate of fire detract from its usefulness. A bolt quiver has been added in a recent update to allow the storage of multiple bolts in a single inventory slot.

This weapon is common, and can be found on almost every item location. Once fired, a bolt will become embedded in an object such as a tree, or a zombie. It can then be recovered by coming close to the bolt and looking at it, and using the add action. However, if a zombie falls on the bolt, it becomes very difficult or impossible to recover the bolt. If this happens, using the 'Hide Body' action will remove the bolt as well.

The Crossbow can also fire Arrows. The description of the Arrow says it is "made out of wood" and is "used with the Crossbow." There are no more steel bolts in the game. Other than the steel bolts used to be, the arrows are not indestructible and upon taking them from the place they stuck there is a chance for them to be broken and useless. Arrows may also be crafted by obtaining chicken feathers, wood and a hunting knife.

The crossbow may have a scope attached which is a Red Dot.