The Compass found in DayZ

Slot: Tool

The Compass is an equipment item in DayZ used for determining the direction the player is currently facing.

The default key-binding for the Compass is K. As with most tools, a double tap of the key binding will toggle the Compass on or off on the heads-up display. .

Compasses can be found in Residential loot spawns such as Supermarkets and houses. Compasses do not use up a normal Inventory slot, but go into a tool-belt slot. A Compass will however use one inventory slot when stored in a Backpack.

If every player in a group has a compass, each player can use it to call out bearings to targets. "Bearing 185, two snipers" is an example of drawing attention to something that may otherwise be hard to spot for other teammates.

The Compass also glows green at night to aid in reading the bearings.


  • The glow from the Compass at night would be from a radioactive substance embedded in the Compass. The decaying substance emits a green glow. It is most likely Tritium.

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