Canned food
BakedBeansPastaCanned GoodsFrank and Beans
Canned food in DayZ.
(Clockwise from top) Baked Beans, Pasta, Frank & Beans and Sardines.
Slot Main inventory
Required slots 1
Blood replenished 200
"Canned <food name> used for sustainment. Last well over five years if stored correctly."
— In-game description

Canned food are food sealed in cans found as loot in DayZ.

Canned foods are commonly found in Supermarkets and in locations that will have residential homes as a majority which are located in most major cities such as Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk and Stary Sobor. They can also be occasionally found on dead zombies and frequently in Residential loot piles, such as those found in homes and cafés with a spawn chance of 2.78%.[1]

Canned foods also have a chance to spawn in Farm, Industrial and Military loot spawns with a spawn chance of 4.35% or less depending on the food.[1]

A single canned food will take up one inventory slot. Consuming a canned food item will replenish 200 blood, leave an empty tin can behind and fully relieve hunger, as will Chips (Sulahoops).

Some canned food items will replenish some thirst that contain liquids such as Ravioli, Peaches and Fruit.

It is recommended that the player have at least two cans of food in their inventory or backpack at any given time for sustainment, and for replenishing blood. However, cooked meat or MREs are more desirable as they replenish a greater amount of blood.

Below are seventeen types of canned foods that can be found in DayZ:[1]

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