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The Bus found in DayZ.
Seats: 24
Item Slots: 50
Weapon Slots: 10
Backpack Slots: 2
Top Speed On-road: 70 km/h
Top Speed Off-road: 28 km/h
Fuel Tank Capacity: 100 Liters
Armament: None
Rarity: Unknown

The Bus is a civilian bus found in DayZ.

The Bus has a maximum on-road speed of 70 kilometers per hour and a maximum off-road speed of 28 kilometers per hour.

Its fuel tank capacity is 100 liters - equal to five Jerry Can (20L)s or twenty Fuelcan (5L)s.

The Bus has a seating capacity of twenty-four players[1], and has space for fifty items, ten weapons and two backpacks.[2]

The Bus has no armament and minimal armor. The glass of the Bus offers little protection from projectiles and the metal hull offers some projection from projectiles.

A round as small as 9x19mm can injure the driver through the hull.

The Bus has six spawn locations in Chernarus. These are:[3]

  • Vybor, south of the town center at grid coordinates 037 065.
  • Kozlovka, eastern side at grid coordinates 045 107.
  • Stary Sobor, near the Supermarket at grid coordinates 060 074.
  • Chernogorsk, near the north gas station at grid coordinates 066 123.
  • Elektrozavodsk, near the fire station at grid coordinates 103 131.
  • Polana, near the Supermarket at grid coordinates 106 072.

To completely repair (Green status) a broken (Red status) Bus the player will need:

NOTE: Only four out of six wheels are required for the Bus to move.

A Jerry Can (20L) or Fuelcan (5L) is needed to refuel the Bus, as with all vehicles.

Real lifeEdit

The Bus is based on the Ikarus Bus. From bus manufacturer Ikarus based in Budapest. Hungary.[4]


Engine starting, idling and stopping
Entering noise


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