Box of matches

Box of Matches
The Box of Matches found in DayZ

Slot: Tool
"Box of safety matches for starting a fire under controlled conditions."
— In-game description

A Box of Matches is an equipment item in DayZ that allows the creation of a Fireplace.

A Box of Matches is used to create a Fireplace in conjunction with a Wood Pile, which can be used to turn raw meat into cooked meat and recover temperature. It functions great with a Hunting Knife, which is required to gut animals for their raw meat.

The matchbox does not use up usual inventory slots, but goes into the tool slots below the sidearm slots. However, a Box of Matches will use one inventory slot when stored in the backpack.

If the player does not have wood, they can use a Hatchet to harvest wood from a tree within a forested area of the map; these areas appear green on the Map. Wood can also be obtained from loot piles found within Farm areas, such as barns and stables.

The wood is needed as fuel for the fireplace, otherwise the fire will extinguish after a few seconds. Players can extended the lifetime of a lit fireplace by about fifteen minutes by adding wood to the fireplace's inventory, but beware, the fire will destroy any items a players adds to the fire's inventory when they exit the inventory menu.

Note: Update 1.7.7 prevents players from using the fireplace as an inventory.

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