Blood Bag
Blood Bag
The Blood Bag found in DayZ
Slot: Main inventory
"Bag of blood used for administering a Blood transfusion."
— In-game description

A Blood Bag is a medical item that is used to transfer blood from one player to another player in DayZ.

A Blood Bag is used to fully restore a player's Blood in the form of a blood transfusion. This can only be performed by another player.

Blood Bags can be found inside Hospitals and medical tents in medical boxes and on the floor, as well as in the medical boxes that spawn near crashed helicopters. A Blood Bag takes up one inventory space.

It is recommended that players traveling in groups of two or more have at least one Blood Bag available and ready to use in an emergency, such as when a player's blood drops under 5000 from a gunshot.

After successfully administering a blood transfusion on another player, the player who administered the transfusion will gain 250 humanity points.

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