Animals are AI controlled creatures that can be found in fields and forests throughout Chernarus in DayZ.

Some animals are easily killed with a single bullet, while larger animals require several shots to kill. Animals can be wild, like boars, or domesticated, like chickens and sheep.

A killed animal can be gutted with a hunting knife to provide raw meat. The raw meat can then be turned into cooked meat by cooking it on a lit fireplace or oil barrel.

Raw meat from animals can be eaten, but has a chance of causing infection and replenishes less blood than cooked meat which has zero chance of causing an infection.

Dead animal bodies despawn automatically after two minutes or after being removed of all loot.

Animal Raw Meat Cooked blood per piece Total cooked blood
Goat 4 meat 400 blood 1600 blood
Boar 4 meat 400 blood 1600 blood
Sheep 4 meat 400 blood 1600 blood
Rabbit 2 meat 1000 blood 2000 blood
Chicken 2 meat 1000 blood 2000 blood
Cow 6 meat 600 blood 3600 blood

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